Leamington Flyers launch online ‘Mega Holiday 50/50’

LEAMINGTON, ONTARIO – The Leamington Flyers are excited to announce our quarterly online 50/50 fundraiser!

Fans and residents alike are invited to purchase tickets with the winner receiving the pot (50% of all tickets sold)! By purchasing a ticket, you will help to support the Leamington Flyers Hockey Club, in their quest to help develop not only the next generation of hockey players but also the next generation of people in the community.

The Flyers are committed to giving players first-class treatment, whether their time in Leamington is just a stop before going to the next level, or if they are closing out their career and not going further. The organization is committed to providing as much as they can to players as well as their families. They are committed to minimizing costs to players and their families as the club works to compete and ultimately win the Sutherland Cup.

The winner will be contacted to claim their prize.

Thank you for your support!


Leamington Flyers Hockey Club Inc. Lottery House Rules

The Leamington Flyers are excited to announce the launch of our quarterly online 50/50 Cash Raffle.

1) The Leamington Flyers Hockey Club Inc. 50/50 Cash Raffle is open to the public and subject to Provincial Laws and Regulations.

2) You must purchase a 50/50 ticket to qualify to win.

3) Players of this lottery must reside in Ontario, be 18 years of age or older, and must use a major credit card or Visa Debit Card to purchase. Credit cards used for payment must have an Ontario billing address associated with them.

4) Tickets will be available for sale online using Raffle Box

5) Tickets will be sold at a rate of – 1 ticket for $5, 3 tickets for $10, 8 tickets for $20 and 80 tickets for $50.

6) Quarterly draws will take place: December 22, 2022, March 9, 2023, June 8, 2023, September 7, 2023 and December 21, 2023. The draw will take place at the office of Raffle Box, electronically, 1717 Barrington St, Halifax NS.

7) If a draw cannot take place, the draw will take place as soon as possible, with approval from AGCO. This change should only happen due to unforeseen circumstances.

8) Ticket sales for the respective monthly draw will end at 11:59pm of the final day of the preceding month/ time period.

9) The winner will be determined by random-number generator draw.

10) Quarterly draw results will be announced across the Leamington Flyers social media immediately following each draw. The winner will also will be announced during the following Flyers game. The winner will also be contacted by phone as well as e-mail.

11) Winnings will be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

12) Payment by cheque in the exact name provided on the ticket can be arranged, if required.

13) Winnings can be picked up at the Nature Fresh Recreation Centre or The Leamington Flyers office upon a confirmed appointment – photo ID is required.

14) Winners will be contacted using the information they provided at the time they purchased the ticket.

15) Every reasonable effort will be made to contact the Prize Winner. Any prizes, which are not claimed, will be placed in safekeeping for a period of six (6) months from the date of the draw. If at the end of six (6) months the prize has still not been claimed, the prize or monies equivalent to the fair market value of the prize will be donated to a charitable organization approved by the AGCO.

16) By purchasing a ticket, purchaser agrees to allow the Leamington Flyer’s to use the purchaser’s name and image without compensation for any promotional activity related to this or any future raffle.

17) Please keep your receipt – In the event of a disagreement in the Draw, precedence will be given to the original receipt issued.

18) No Refunds.

19) Proceeds from Leamington Flyers 50/50 raffle will support the hockey club on their continued push to develop the next generation of hockey players while also developing young men and professionals.